Thing 8 – Curator Tools

I’ve had a play with these tools, but feel a bit lukewarm about them.

I hate finding a feed in Twitter that sounds interesting but links to Pinterest as you can’t view it without being registered & I’m not taking that step as I know the time I will waste if it’s available to me- too many lovely images of yarn & fabric!

Flipboard looks nice, but iI already use Pocket for curating interesting things, it links to my Twitter account & is very easy to save pages from the internet for reading later or archiving.

Storify needs a bit of time to learn, and I haven’t a need to yet, but I have used it to catch up on conferences I haven’t been able to attend which gives you an essence of the event.

I have the same reservations with these as many of the things we are looking at-

students have to already use these – us using them for library things will not be the trigger to get them to join.


One thought on “Thing 8 – Curator Tools

  1. Hi

    It looks like Pocket is working for you. It’s no harm to check out the other options, but if it ain’t broke…..

    I suppose the advantage of Pinterest is that it suits a visual approach, and Flipboard is well suited to a mobile device.

    Nice post.

    The Rudai23 Team


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