Thing 11 – Reflection

  • Write about how you are managing your time during this course.

Well,  not efficiently!

As I write the final Thing has been released, and I have 14 posts to write, plus 3 longer things to play with.

I did have a review a few weeks ago, drew up a plan, and didn’t stick to it.

That’s me, I love these courses, crochet-alongs, interactive online events, but I’m always behind.


I can still catch up. I’m determined to get the certificate at the end, otherwise I’ll feel I’ve not fully engaged in the experience.

What I’ve done is grabbed a few half hours in the last couple of weeks where I’ve read the Things, thought about the quicker ones, and made notes for the blog posts.

Now I can sit down for 2 or 3 sessions of blogging and clear the bulk of it.

I’ve identified 3 things I need to spend some time on – Thing 3- CVs & Linkedin; Thing 9 – Video & screencasting; Thing 21 – Infographics. So when I’ve done the main blogging I can tackle these individually. Then it will be done!


I have also signed up for a MOOC on literature searching that was publicised by another Rudai23 partcipant…

so it goes on.


2 thoughts on “Thing 11 – Reflection

  1. Ah that joys of being a life-long learner! I’m glad to read that you have a plan for completing Rudai23. As you mentioned, you do still have plenty of time to complete and get the certificate (30th Novemeber deadline), but that time will go very fast for the people that have not made a plan like you.

    The Rudai23 Team


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