Thing 10 – Live streaming

I attended the Google Hangout Rudai 23 held, and thought it was a good experience. It was a further dimension to enable participants to feel part of the community, although as could be expected rather dependent on internet connection & equipment working well!

This is a tool I could try at work. We have distance learners who call in for help and to be able to chat face to face  coould be more useful. I will find a learner with a webcam & a Google account & try it one day.

As for Periscope, this is increasingly popping up in my Twitter feed, though I have never been able to watch one live. The best one I saw was from the BBC (so excellent quality) giving a quick tour of a Waterloo exhibition wth the curators & Dan Snow. While I don’t think I’ll use this (not camera shy, but I am video / voice shy!) I will be watching again – especially if they extend availabilty beyond 24 hours.


One thought on “Thing 10 – Live streaming

  1. Hi

    Great post.

    So, you’re happy to go on front of the camera for a hangout with a student, but not on Periscope? I can see how you might feel that way. Periscope is wide open, whereas only those invited can take part in the hangout (unless it’s a hangout on air, in which can that is public on youtube).

    I think the use cases for hangouts and periscope are very different, although there could easily be crossover. Both have their uses, and if it suits you better to be a watcher on one and an active participant on the other, then that’s great. At least the technology is useful for you: that’s good to hear.

    The Rudai23 Team


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