Thing 7- Podcasts

I already listen to podcasts I find it helpful to go to sleep listening to something. First it was cassettes, then CDs. Then I could download podcasts. Now with live streaming and the BBC iplayer the choice is endless!

I’ve looked at the selection of library related podcats and haven’t really been engaged with them. I’ll check out Circulating ideas periodically to see what else appears, but I think I’ll use this format for leisure.

As to creating my own – NO! I hate my own voice for a start. Also I see it as something that will take quite a bit of time to get good at & I think my limited time will be better spent getting used to something I will use at work such as. screencasts.

I haven’t listened to Serial yet, but having heard it recommended in several places I will have to get around to it.

For those of you into crime I recommend Great Detectives of Old Time Radio (widely available I believe, I listen on the Apple podcast App). It’s a HUGE collectiom of radio crime & detective dramas from the US, restored with added commentary. Very enjoyable and with a seemingly endless supply of episodes.

And if you haven’t tried the BBC radio iplayer give it a go. You can catchup, listen live and download.


Thing 6 – reflection on other Rudai23 bloggers

Who to follow…?

Similar or different…?

I looked through the list of participants blogs and decided to follow a few who were working in similar situations, including someone from a different country. Then I looked for people who were actually blogging (unlike me, I’m still on catchup!)

So I ended up with-


Library love

Out of my comfort zone

So now not only do I have to catch up on my blogging, but also on what others are writing!

Thing 5 — Facebook & Twitter.

I was a bit slow connecting with Facebook, resisting it as a potential time waster but I eventually joined as I had moved away from a lot of my friends and it was the easiest way to keep in touch with people on the other side of the country – and the world.

I haven’t got dragged into games, quizzes and other trivia, but use it for real friends and to engage with some companies I like to keep up with. I’ve joined a couple of open groups connected with hobbies, and have set up a private group for my craft club so we can communicate easily.

I had never considered using it professionally – that’s what I use Twitter for. I did look at some professional pages, but didn’t ‘like’ any in the end, I’m keeping Facebook for my personal side.

Twitter I use as my professional social media presence, where I’m @drusmumdoes  although I don’t have a seperate personal account, so it isn’t all library related (beware of yarn & cats!). I also lead on the library account @RHC_Library

I really like Twitter. It’s so easy to keep up with what’s going on with people & companies, it takes a moment to check a tweet & if I’m interested in what the tweet is about I’ll follow the link. The library team understand it’s a good idea to tweet, but their personal use is limited. I try & encourage college staff & students (particularly HE students) to join, but with limited success.

I think this from Ned Potter (who is one of my top tips to follow) introduces the idea of why we should use Twitter is great.

Other people I recommend are-

@JInfoLit   Journal of Information Literacy

@library_connect  Elseviers library feed

@hudlib  excellent tweeting from University of Huddersfield, lots of ideas of how to use a library feed

@publicnews  Ian Anstice runs this public library advocacy feed

@redsontour  Anthony Beal is a member of JISC and tweets useful resources information

@PhilBradley  top tweeter on all things Library 2.0

Thing 4 – Google

Like everyone I use Google a lot!

At work I have embraced the fact that students use Google as their go-to place for any kind of research, and try to show them to use it more effectively, what it’s limitations are, and to reveal the wonders of the college resources available to them.

I have Chrome set as my preferred browser as things work better in it then the standard work alternative (IE9!) and my page will follow me around on my gadgets.

As part of this thing I signed up for some Google Expert search training (a fellow Rudai 23 student tweeted about this) which showed me several aspects of search I wasn’t aware of – and I gained a certificate for following the program, another piece of CPD evidence. Unfortunately most of this has already slipped my mind, so I will need to refresh myself – and with the constant additions and removals Google makes to its products it will need regular updating. I follow Phil Bradley (@Philbradley) who is brilliant at changes in this kind of thing.

As to Google+, I haven’t gone for this. I have difficulty keeping up with Twitter etc. as it is, and can’t take on another stream to follow.

I watched the Google Hangout Rudai 23 held which was interesting, and I can see the potential for communicating with distant learners who need a 1:1, so a useful tool to bear in mind.