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So, next task for Rudai 23 is to write a post about why I’m a Librarian.

As many Librarians will say, I loved reading as a child, But that’s not why I chose to do this. I didn’t think ‘I love reading if I work in a library I can read all day’. Just as well too, as it SOO isn’t true, indeed since leaving Public Libraries when there was a constant stream of new, clean books to tempt me, I have read less and less.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do at school, except that I wanted to go to University like my brother had. I didn’t know what I wanted to study, but it seemed an exciting prospect.

Then along came the careers person. This was in the early days of computers. When if you were doing A level maths you had access to the few computers in school. I wasn’t, so I didn’t. But my careers adviser did and had a paper questionnaire for me which was fed into a computer and spat out a printout of suggested careers for my interest & inclinations.

On the list was Archivist. Mmm. Interesting, but one problem- my school didn’t teach Latin. So- how about being a Librarian? So I ended up at Library School in Brighton. Great place, good times, wonderful job. (And I caught up on the Latin a few years ago).

So now, quite a few years later, after an excursion into a solo health library; excellent training in a major public library service; and a few ore years for another;  I’m now working in a Land-based FE college providing a 21st century service to young people and adults from pre-entry to Level 6


I love my job (most of the time!) and now I’m allowed to play with computers and try to show the students how wonderful the world of information & the internet is, and that there is more to it than Google!


2 thoughts on “Thing 2

  1. Hi. Good to hear you had the time to brush up on your Latin! Such a useful language when it comes to understanding the root words for many modern European languages. I did the Irish equivalent of an A Level in Latin.

    The Rudai23 Team


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